I am an Experience and Interaction Designer living in Seattle. I received my BA in Industrial Design from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2011, worked in a design firm in Tehran, Axon innovations, for about 3 years as a product designer and later design manager. After experiencing the industry I understood that I need more than just designing the product features to enjoy the process of creation. After taking part in projects such as The Flying Classroom, I got familiar with service design, experience design and design thinking concepts. That’s when I decided to continue my studies in a more diverse area of design and moved to the US. I got my MDes in Interaction Design from University of Washington where my thesis project focused on game design and creating conversations about environmental issues.

Most of my projects surface social, political and environmental matters through design and design thinking. Believing in the power of organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis reflects in my way of work too. Most of my projects are not only cooperatively done, but also facilitate the concept of collaboration in solving problems.

What inspires me most is identifying and studying different stakeholders in a given problem and understanding their values in order to develop and adapt the best technical, infrastructural, software or hardware solutions for them. The complexity of problems, challenge of seeing the unanticipated and telling their stories thrills me particularly.

I contribute in design communities that I care about by publishing papers in conferences [CHI 2016], articles in design magazines [Arcade Fall 2014 and Winter 2015] and participating in design awards [AIGA (re)design awards 2015]. Finally along with my projects I have worked for two years at the Value-Sensitive Design lab at UW as a designer and researcher.

If you want to contact me please sent an email to hourvatat[at]gmail[dot]com.